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Testimonials: Testimonials

I manage a group home for people with developmental disabilities. One gentleman I support spends hours every day typing on his manual typewriter. He painstakingly copies paragraphs from the books he enjoys to compile his favourite quotes into his own book. When his typewriter began to get stuck, it caused him huge anxiety. I tried unsuccessfully to fix it myself, watching tutorials on YouTube for advice. Then, I reached out to a Facebook group of antique typewriter collectors, telling them about the gentleman’s need for help with his typewriter. People from all over the world responded to my post, thanking me for my concern for this gentleman’s typewriter and offering to help. One of those who responded was Brendan Raftery.  Brendan actually offered a choice of several vintage typewriters from his own collection to use in the meantime. The gentleman happily continued typing his ‘book’ on the loaner machine while Brendan worked on his. Two weeks later, he brought the typewriter back in amazing condition and even gave the gentleman a T-shirt with the logo of his home business, “Old School Typewriters”. Now the gentleman proudly wears the T-shirt and tells anyone who will listen about how Brendan came to his rescue when his typewriter broke down. Brendan was amazing!

Karin Olsen

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